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Manufacture success through dignity.

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Stronger culture, stronger business

Dignify® is a patented, scalable platform that helps manufacturing companies strengthen retention, engagement, accountability, and relationships.

It provides the tools and data needed to help managers and operational leaders create efficiency, maximize output, and maintain order in their teams by embracing a people-first approach.

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Complex problems | Smart solutions | Tangible results

Invest in human dignity to unlock employee success.
The potential ROI is limitless.








higher job satisfaction










higher profitability










decrease in staff turnover



Manufacturing leader holding a tablet with a Dignify Snapshot

Build a culture system that sticks

Finally, a proven system, not just tools, that provide the structure, training, and sustainability that world-class manufacturers are looking for.

Dignify provides manufacturing organizations with everything necessary to create the structure, stability, and efficiency they need by building a culture that employees love. Keep production strong, keep people coming back to work, and maximize your staying power by making employee satisfaction a given.

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Engage their dignity, maximize their output

It’s a scientific fact that when a person feels safe and fully engaged, they are motivated to give back and produce at a high level.

A fulfilled, satisfied, and engaged team is one that you can count on to go above and beyond to meet individual, team, and company-wide objectives. Equip your leaders with what they need to make a difference for their team and achieve bottom line success.

Manufacturing leader holding a tablet setting up a Dignify Meeting

Create accountability through strong relationships

When people understand and respect each other, accountability becomes natural. Provide teams with the platform they need to see eye-to-eye with their peers and leaders, cultivate trusting relationships, minimize conflict, and make every interaction productive.

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Retain employees

Utilize individual and collective data to understand how best to fulfill people, satisfy teams, and retain talent. Improve employee engagement and foster employee wellbeing in a natural and genuine way.

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Attract talent

In an industry facing labor shortages, attracting talent becomes more important than ever. Dignify helps manufacturing companies create a healthy, fulfilling environment that makes high quality job seekers want to work for you.

Tools that unlock the power of dignity


The Snapshot allows people to understand themselves and their co-workers on a deeper level. Discover the Traits, Motivations, Dos and Don’ts, communication styles and preferences of everyone in your organization. Gain actionable insights on how to support and collaborate with each person at the individual level.


These one-on-one conversations guided by the Dignify platform are designed to create and strengthen relationships, build mutual understanding, and bring out the best side of your employees in a natural, self-driven way.


Send out fully customizable anonymous or transparent surveys to select groups or your entire organization for any purpose. Easily collect the data you need to understand how best to support the people and teams you are responsible for.


Prep, organize, host, and follow up on meetings all in one convenient location. Re-usable and fully customizable with preset templates.


Upskill your employees and develop your leaders with transformative and actionable curriculum delivered by expert leadership coaches with decades of experience.

Companion App

Dignify in the palm of your hand. Access useful data on each of your on-site employees at any time, right on your phone. Understand what motivates them and how to connect with them with the touch of a button and make a difference for your team in real-time.

Reporting & Tracking

COMING SOON – Directly track how your organization is using and engaging with Dignify with month-over-month data. Use the platform to identify strong points and opportunities for growth on your path to creating a healthier organization.

"There's really truly an ROI that can be found throughout this process."
- Matt Schroeder, President, Truck Equipment Inc.



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