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Strengthen relationships and stop unhealthy conflict

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management – the efficient way

Dignify’s suite of tools provides leaders with a simple, efficient, and comprehensive solution to relationship management and conflict resolution, freeing up vital time for leaders and HR personnel.

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reframe conflict

Much of workplace drama is preventable—and easier to remedy than you might think. Dignify helps teammates mutually understand each other’s character, perspectives, and intent so they can exchange ideas and collaborate productively. Avoid the effects of unhealthy conflict (poor retention, low satisfaction, high stress) and enjoy the results of healthy conflict (innovation, trust, reduced stress).

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Dignify’s tools are set up in a way that enables and encourages consistent, continued usage over time, resulting in lasting effects that become a part of the culture in your organization. When people discover their dignity and that of others, nothing can take it away from them – it’s permanent.


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Clarity-driven cooperation

Snapshots make a person’s strengths, motivations, intent, and character crystal clear, empowering people with the information and guidance necessary to resolve conflicts with one another on their own. HR personnel and leaders have a useful, comprehensive tool at their fingertips that allows employees to resolve their own communication issues with others.

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Connection made simple

Every person is unique, complex, and multidimensional. Connecting two different people can be frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult. Check-Ins make connection simple and effective, allowing users to understand who the people in their team are and what they can do in their role to support them.

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Your time is valuable – save it

Conflict resolution and relationship management are very difficult. Mediating employee disagreements takes away valuable time from HR personnel and leaders with plenty on their plates already. With Dignify’s tools, you are empowered to spend less time solving problems in the present, and more time shaping the future of the organization’s success. Meanwhile, employees can resolve their conflicts effectively and quickly so they can stay focused on their workload.

The Dignify team, including the Dignify product, has been a launch pad for our managers and staff to connect with each other and understand where our greatest potential is - we can do this together. We have really valued the impact it has had on our organization!
- Devon Christianson, Director, Aging & Disability Resource Center of Brown County

Dignify on the go.

Available on desktop or mobile devices, Dignify allows you to access full-length leadership curriculum, send quick recognition out in the field, have a Check-In via your phone or tablet, and much more!

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