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Meet the Team

We come to work each day to give companies, and people, credit for what they do because of exactly who they are. We do that for each other too!

Each of us has a unique purpose and emotional motivators that drive us—and not just while we’re in the office. Because we live by our unified mission to spread dignity to the world, we’re able to perform at our highest level and teach other companies how to do the same.

Justin Knitt Business Developer / Coach
Alex Bougie Account Manager / UX Writer
Kari Knitt Operations Manager / Coach
April Johnson Director of Coaching & Curriculum
You are who you are - we all have a story! Bring your true self to the table.
- WGA Workshop Attendee
Nathan Walasek Senior Web Developer / Videographer
Dustin Onesti Senior PHP Engineer / Systems Admin
Jared Ramirez Copywriter & Editor

Process Partners

Sherri Valitchka Certified Dignify Partner
Michele Molitor Certified Dignify Partner

You’ve met us, we’d love to meet you!

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