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Frequently Asked Questions

Dignify helps people and businesses create stronger relationships and achieve growth through human dignity. We provide the technology and services necessary to help people communicate better, strengthen relationships, and develop critical skills to help people lead more fulfilling lives and businesses achieve superior performance through a sustainable Culture Operating System (COS).

Dignify offers a patented, scalable platform under its namesake that helps leaders and managers create a culture of dignity. Using Dignify, decision-makers are empowered to create a culture where people are fulfilled, communication is clear, and engagement is high so that productivity reaches new heights. Dignify’s tools include:

  • Snapshots: Understand yourself and others on a deeper level. Gain actionable insights on how to support and collaborate with each person as an individual.
  • Check-Ins: One-on-one conversations guided by the Dignify platform designed to create and strengthen relationships, build mutual understanding, and bring out the best in people.
  • Meetings: Prep, organize, host, and follow up on meetings all in one convenient location. Re-usable and fully customizable with preset templates.
  • Surveys: Fully customizable surveys that provide the essential data you need to understand how to support those around you.
  • Academy: Develop yourself as a leader and as a person with transformative and actionable curriculum delivered by expert leadership coaches with decades of experience.
  • Reporting (coming soon): Directly track how your organization is using and engaging with Dignify with month-over-month data. Use the platform to identify strong points and opportunities for growth on your path to creating a healthier organization.
  • And many more in development!

Dignify offers a range of services that provide value to people at all levels of an organization. From executive coaching and focused strategic planning to teambuilding experiences, Dignify has the expertise necessary to evolve your business from the top down or from the ground up. Dignify offers:

Dignify serves businesses of all sizes, from small mom and pop shops to large international corporations. Regardless of your organization’s size, location, or industry, Dignify has the right solution for you, for the right price.

Dignify also serves individuals all around the world. With our platform translated into English, Spanish, and French, anyone in the world who speaks one or more of those three languages can get value from Dignify’s technology and services.

Dignify’s technology and services will transform your business by helping you create a culture of dignity where strong communication, great relationships, and people-first leaders are the standard rather than the aspiration. Dignify helps you create harmonious and sustainable internal order so that your business can enjoy higher profitability, lower turnover, and better results.

Dignify can improve your personal life by helping you understand yourself and those closest to you on a deeper level in a way that is substantial, convenient, memorable, and actionable. Dignify shows you your own dignity and other people’s dignity via the Snapshot.

With the power of the Dignify Snapshot, you can understand your own and others’ motivations, rules for communication, interactional style, tendencies, and more. You will be able to show people exactly how you want them to interact with you, and easily understand how others want you to interact with them.

Dignify helps people grow into a healthier mindset and lead a more fulfilling life, filled with high-quality communication that provides you and those close to you with honor and respect.

Dignify serves businesses and individuals internationally. We are heavily involved with our community in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the Midwest as a whole, but have the capacity to serve businesses and individuals in different countries and across different timezones.

Where can I find you?

You can find us physically at our office at 154 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303, or virtually on our social media platforms.