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The Dignity Dialogue Podcast

For nearly 20 years, Joe Kiedinger’s life pursuit has been researching and re-imagining what it means to lead others. It all started with a desire to better communicate with his stepson and led to his discovery of leadership through dignity—being worthy of honor and respect.

This podcast digs deep into culture, communication, dignity, personal development and organizational health topics with the goal of strengthening your company and your leadership skills. Joe provides practical advice for leaders and real, honest conversation with a lot of wit along the way.

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Who are Joe and April?

Joe Kiedinger is a well-versed podcaster, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, author of three books on leadership (The Brander in Chief, Remove Your Fear, Build Your Career and The Dignity Based Franchise), blogger of Wisdom on Wednesday, CEO of Dignify, and a father of four. He also holds a utility patent for the technology Dignify. He was named one of the top “20 People You Should Know” by the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce and is deeply passionate about his personal purpose: teaching acceptance in an unaccepting world.

Joe discovered the idea for his life-changing tool, Dignify, while struggling to communicate with his pre-teen stepson, Alex. Since its inception, the Dignify platform has grown and adapted to help thousands of people in the workplace to improve communication, enhance efficiency, develop cohesive teams and drive visions forward.

April Johnson is the Director of Coaching & Curriculum at Dignify. As a coach, she proves to be a great listener and guide, no doubt due to her experience as a teacher. April is a proud mother of six and grandparent of one granddaughter, River. She is inspiration personified, striving to leave the world a better place than she found it.

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Podcast Resolving conflicts at their roots with dignify (ft. Dr. Donna Hicks)

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Podcast The secrets to having the hard conversations productively (ft. Dr. Priya Nalkur)

In this episode, Joe and April sit down for a talk with Dr. Priya Nalkur, coach, psychologist, and founder of the RoundTable Institute. Listen in as Joe and April uncover Dr. Nalkur’s unique perspectives on how to approach some of the most sensitive topics in our society today (like identity and race), why it’s important that we actually do talk about them instead of shoving them under the rug, and what being a leader actually means. Stay tuned to the end for some lighthearted but insightful fun as the three explore risky conversations with a trivia game.

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Podcast Unraveling dignity – what it means, why it matters, and how it works (ft. Theresa Moore)

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Podcast Enacting Emotional Empowerment with Michelle Bursell

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Podcast Fully Human: How to Develop Yourself and Your Team with Tom Thibodeau

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