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Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Thank God it’s Monday! Let me guess, you feel I have the wrong day of the week here? When you love what you do, aren’t Monday’s great?! It’s a chance to correct the mistakes of the previous week. It’s a chance to enhance and grow new relationships that can help effectively grow your business and ultimately people’s lives! I’m excited about Mondays.

3 Ways to Energize Your MondayHere are three ways you can energize your Monday:

  1. Develop your ‘must-do’ list for the week on Sunday night. Hey, it’s football season. Great coaches usually script the first 13 – 20 plays. They then see how the game is progressing and adjust accordingly. What if you went into the work week with 8-10 things you must accomplish and then go with the flow after that. You will be focused and will accomplish what’s important and not just what’s necessary.
  2. Get your high fives going! Welcome your co-workers back for another exciting week. Remember, many associates come back to work tired from the weekend (ironic, isn’t it). Give them energy, make it a little quirky and fun.
  3. Gratitude is attitude. If you’re a leader, ask people to gather around and share what they are grateful for right now. This positive conversation fuels people to be in a good place to begin their week.

It’s hump day now, but I’m almost done with my ‘must-do’ list that needed to get accomplished this week. Can’t wait for Monday!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: What will you do differently next week?


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