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Sure, Why Not?!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - Joe Kiedinger

Why is it that some people can just “get away with it?” You know what I’m talking about?

While traveling to a client, I ran across this young woman in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car line. It was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. This small parrot hangs out with this young lady while she goes about her day. Her shoulder appears clean, which I find surprising. I used to have a parakeet that we would let out to fly around the room, person to person. There were often some messes when it landed, but I digress.

This woman decided that it’s ok to bring her bird with her everywhere she goes. She’s brave due to her unconventional wisdom. Most people are afraid of being judged by others. Most people believe that others will look down on them or tell them they’re crazy for being courageous. This airport encounter inspired in me a “sure, why not” spark of wisdom. 

Today, I was reminded of it by one of our Prophiteers, Emily, in our daily huddle. She shared an article by a group who pushes the envelope on what’s possible. If you believed you could, would you? Absolutely! I believe great ideas and plans are stifled due to our inhibitions. Our brains are programmed to tell us why we shouldn’t do things.

This conditioning happened during our upbringing.

There are those of you who were brought up to be planners. Your parents were planners and they instilled in you that planning leads to success. And yet, most success comes from doing and developing a plan as you go. The truth is, a plan is great, but the execution of a plan reveals the truth. We all find success differently. Ninety percent of success is achieved by simply showing up!

Some of you have thought about writing a weekly blog but your mind stepped in, “Does anyone really care what you think? You’re not a writer! What makes you think you can do this? You are not an authority on anything.” I believe a common mind trick we play on ourselves is the “as soon as I” epidemic. It comes out in many ways:

“As soon as I graduate, then I…”
“As soon as this loan goes through, then I…”
“As soon as I turn 30, then I…”

There is no “as soon as!” The time is now. Do it!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: What have you been putting off due to your limiting beliefs? What would be the worst that would happen if you did? What would be the greatest reward if you did?

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