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Servant Leadership: Better Relationships, Healthier Life!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - Joe Kiedinger

In a recent conversation with a healthcare official, I asked the question, “What are your priorities this year for the state?” This individual responded by having four clear goals; one of them was to get after the high rate of obesity in his state. I then asked him, “How will you accomplish this?” He responded, “Through education and physical exercise programs in schools.”

I then shared with him my belief. We believe that the reason kids are obese is because of the poor relationship they have with their parents which leads to a “comfort” in eating. Repair a relationship and you get to the root of the problem. Not just obesity, but many addictions and obsessive behaviors that lead to ill health. He completely agreed with me.

My work is improving relationships and improving positive communication in the world. Imagine this true story…

Stan was a 3-pack a day smoker. Can you picture that? His clothes reeked from smoking in his home continually and to make it even more interesting, he was on an oxygen tank. Can you imagine that?

Stan quit smoking one day cold turkey. For three years he never had a cigarette and yet, he had to remain on oxygen. Then one day, a relationship from his past came back to town. His true love to be exact. After the reunion Stan told me he had been suppressing his feelings about this lost love. During this re-connection he was able to share his vulnerability with his dear friend. The next day he was off oxygen and never needed it since. He is now engaged to be married!

Better relationships, better life. It is proven that the majority of health problems stem from either bad relationships or unsettled ones. We need to get after that because that is the source of America’s health problems. Myself and many others believe this to be true and are systematically putting into place ways to improve the relationships in the workplace to better the health of their associates. These Servant Leaders understand this belief and focus on it everyday.

Learn more at our January Servant Leadership Summit! Better relationships, better life!

Joe Kiedinger

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