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Pour Into Your People with Dr. Patrick Flynn

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

In this somewhat controversial episode, Joe sits down with founder of The Wellness Way, Dr. Patrick Flynn. As a child, Flynn faced both physical and psychological challenges. He wasn’t satisfied with the conventional medical system’s solutions, so he sought to educate himself and find alternatives. On his journey, he also met his future wife, Christy, who suffered from ailments to include endometriosis and was told she likely would never be able to have children. 

Flynn’s solution was creating The Wellness Way. Today, he and his wife are healthier than ever and have four beautiful children—thanks to natural health restoration techniques. 

Now operating over 100 locations internationally, Flynn’s movement has found incredible success and has instilled powerful lessons in leadership along the way. 

Discover the importance of investing in others as you seek your own personal growth. Because “self-growth can limit you” but “you never go wrong investing in others.”

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