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Patience Has Been Killed By Technology, Help!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Another wonderful Simon Sinek video has been introduced and is going viral. I’ve provided the link, but I don’t know if you can watch the whole video? It takes fifteen minutes to view the whole thing. Perhaps you can put it on in the background while you shop online, send out a Facebook post and play with funny filters on Snapchat!

Yikes, this is our world. Simon shared how Millennial’s have no patience. A career must havYootheme-Social-Bookmark-Social-facebook-box-blue.icoe patience. Real relationships require patience. Can young adults join the workforce and feel fulfilled? They can if they realize that relationships take time and they are nurtured through company leaders to shut the phone off in meetings and get connected with peers and support teams. I’m hopeful that there are leaders out there who can show them the way. It’s not their fault. They have grown up digital natives and their social skills have been robbed by the little screens they are addicted to. How about you. Are you addicted?

Here’s a test. Take the 30-day challenge. Remove Facebook from your cell phone for 30-days (or snapchat or whatever you engage in). Count how many times you casually search for the app once you’ve deleted it. If you are not addicted, it will be easy.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Will you take the 30-day challenge?

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