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Looking Through a New Lens

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

A positive company culture is designed and planned, it doesn’t just happen. However, poor company cultures happen all on their own. You have a culture, the question is, what kind do you have?

Culture, simply defined, is the feeling your company gives off due to aligned values, behaviors and product delivery. You feel a unified company when you encounter it.

It’s interesting as I look at Prophit’s journey of building our brand and culture. In our early years, we began preaching what we believed then and still do today: that for a brand to take off you must first focus on culture and strategy before you can dive into marketing.

Although we believed it, we were very experimental in the culture and strategy areas and more mature in the marketing world. Due to that, we gravitated to marketing. Our “Culture, Strategy and Marketing” message was first communicated in 2007.

Now, fast forward several years. Because of our belief in culture and strategy, we were able to develop, deploy and receive rave reviews in how we help engineer healthy organizations through culture, strategy and marketing systems.

We realize that marketing won’t help a broken business—one whose people are not same page about what the company stands for and why it exists or their marketing is not attached to sales initiatives or purpose. This creates confusion. Company leaders must allow time for employees to understand and buy in to the direction.

The picture posted here reminds me of our journey. We still focus on communication, that’s the towel. However, how we do it is completely unique. So how you see our towel will be very different and refreshing. We focus on what others don’t have the courage to do: organizational health using proven communication practices!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: How would you rate your culture: transparent or siloed?

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