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It’s Life-Changing

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - Lauren Hitt

Hi, I’m Lauren Hitt, one of the Copywriters and Editors at Prophit Co. and I’m hijacking this week’s WOW in honor of Inventors’ Day.

I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to dignify our irreplaceable leader, Joe, and his seemingly endless source of big ideas. His fearlessness in sharing unconventional thinking brought us the tool (Dignify®) and programs (Organizational Health) Prophit Co. needed to communicate and connect through the pandemic.

It’s been a difficult year for many around the world as organizations struggle to keep their team on the same page while working apart, physically. A lack of connection has weakened company culture, hurting businesses’ bottom line.

We are beyond blessed to have had the tools we needed to not only survive, but thrive. Because of Joe’s foresight, his creations empowered us to keep business humming along.

So, how’d we get to this point? Nearly twenty years ago, Joe invented Dignify—a patented technology that walks you through how to communicate with others—for deeply personal reasons. As a new stepfather he was having trouble connecting with his pre-teen stepson, Alex, and was driven to better understand him.

That inspired thinking is also what spurred the creation of a whole suite of Organizational Health programs. Joe saw that stress was eating away at business leaders, causing very real physical ailments, and at the root of it all? Miscommunication. So he developed programs to help our clients achieve healthy communication and growth through human dignity.

It is life-changing stuff. Truly and completely. It has helped leaders step into their authentic selves while lowering their day-to-day stress. The results have been remarkable.


ACTION PLAN: Show Joe some love on social and congratulate him on his achievements this Inventors’ Day!

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