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Interview with Servant Leader Speaker Nick Nesvacil

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

We’re excited to welcome Nick Nesvacil of STINGCANCER as our next FREE Servant Leaders of Wisconsin (S.L.O.W.) Speaker!  As a young man, Nick survived brain cancer and other major health challenges.  His own cancer journey allowed him to see how important emotional and material support is for young cancer patients and their families. His experience inspired him to create STINGCANCER, a student-driven support group in Northeast Wisconsin. Nick’s presentation is titled, ““Surviving And Thriving”: Together We Will STINGCANCER–No One Fights Alone!”  I had the opportunity to meet Nick and interview him to learn more.  Here’s what we discussed!

How does your message of “no one fights alone” apply to the workplace?

Nick: In the workplace people are faced with numerous challenges and obstacles that in many cases are not easily solved or fixed by ourselves alone. Like surviving cancer, surviving the challenges of day to day work is something that can only become more attainable when we are willing to do the little “extra” and build solid relationships with our fellow leaders and teammates. While an extra smile or hello may seem small, it can go a long way in the grand scheme of things.

Why do you want your message to reach the business world?

Nick: STINGCANCER, just like us as individuals, is stronger when working with others to accomplish similar goals. We want to be able to help as many people in Northeast Wisconsin and beyond that are battling cancer. We have been able to continue to do that for 12 years because of support that local businesses have been able to provide us.

Also, we want the individuals who attend the S.L.O.W. meetings to know that STINGCANCER is there for them when they need us. Whether it may be a relative, friend, or co-worker we can help that person get through what can be a difficult time.

In your book, I Got Cancer, but Cancer Didn’t Get Me, you share how co-workers and students were interested in your story, and that sharing your story with them helped you realize that being a cancer survivor is marked as a proudest achievement in your life. What tips can you share to foster this welcoming environment in a workplace?

Nick: Smile at everyone, say hello to everyone, and make it a point to build relationships with everyone you meet. Understand one another, know the strengths and weaknesses of all that you come in contact with.

At work or at home, life presents roadblocks. As a cancer survivor, what’s your greatest advice for getting past roadblocks?

My best answer for this is the four main pillars that make up STINGCANCER:


Relationships: No One Fights Alone

xtra Degree: The simple idea that at 211 degrees water is hot, and at 212 degrees water boils. Boiling water creates steam. Steam can power a locomotive. See what can happen if we all made the effort to go the extra degree?

ttitude: Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we as individuals react to it.

eadership/Legacy: Everyone should go through life with a leadership mindset.  As far as legacy, would you rather have a 10 minute funeral, or a ten hour funeral?

Join us at the next FREE S.L.O.W. Event to meet Nick and hear him speak.  Let us know you are coming, RSVP Here!  Until then, see Nick and STINGCANCER volunteers at work in this video!  

Nick Nesvacil - STINGCANCER

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