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Interview with Ben Fauske, Leadership Speaker

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Hello Servant Leaders! We’d like to invite you to join us on May 18th for our FREE Servant Leaders of Wisconsin (S.L.O.W.) Event. 

You’ll see Ben Fauske, President of Rise Leadership, present on “The 7 Stages of Service Leadership,” a coaching process designed to guide you in growing as a leader. At this free event, you will learn the service driven leadership philosophy and you will be equipped with practical tools to integrate the learning with your team.

I had a conversation with Ben to learn more about what you can expect at this S.L.O.W. event.ben.jpg

Q: How do you define the mission of an organization? Why is it imperative all employees realize their role in this mission?

A: The mission of the organization is not the words written on a wall. It is the purpose. The reason people wake up every day and head to work. It is why the organization exists. The key to engaging employees is when not only do they understand the mission of the organization, but they also understand their own personal mission and how their role is essential.

Q: How does instilling Service Leadership in an organization improve productivity of employees?

A: When I interview college students, they often tell me that they want to find a job where they can make the most amount of money doing the least work possible. Some believe this is the key to happiness at work. When I interview executives at the end of their career they tell me just the opposite. They share stories of taking on huge challenges. The thrill of the adventure is where they find genuine satisfaction in their work. Employees that learn to serve learn to love their work.

Q: Why is service leadership such an important element in today’s workplace?

A: Service is the last area to differentiate for most organizations. Without great service there is no competitive advantage. With great service employees contribute tremendous value to customers and in the end feel significant. It is critical for everyone to feel they are making a tangible difference in the organizations they serve.

Q: What is one concept from your presentation that attendees will be able to go back to their organization and implement immediately?

A: Learning how to motivate yourself and your team are essential leadership skills. I will be covering a practical team development tool that has been used by thousands of individuals to build great teams.

Join us at Ben’s presentation and you’ll come away with actionable tools to implement in your organization!

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