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How Well Do You Know Your Team? Four Ways to Get Started Building a Cohesive Team

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - Joe Kiedinger

As a Fun Country guy, I love coming up with ways to have a little fun with the Prophiteers by getting out of the office for a quick happy hour or leaning on our Culture Keepers team to plan a killer birthday lunch.

A focus on company culture is a proven way to create a more cohesive team. And I know some of you may struggle to come up with ideas or how to implement these activities. Here are some practical suggestions to help you get to know your team better!

  1. My Life/My Favorite Things
    At Prophit Co., we have monthly All Company Meetings during which each employee takes a turn sharing photos and stories from their life or sharing some of their favorites so we can get to know them as an individual.

    This is a great way to humanize your team and help everyone to realize we’re not just employees. We live busy, full lives outside of the office and there are often struggles and challenges happening that our team may not be aware of. This gives each employee a chance to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing.

  2. Group Meals
    A surprise workplace-funded lunch is always a nice treat. We’ll occasionally order in pizza and rally the troops in the conference room for an hour of casual conversation. The value of these culture-building moments can’t be denied.

  3. Give Them 1×1 Time
    As busy as we all are, if you happen to find a moment alone with any of your team members, look at it as a chance to truly express interest in them. Don’t just engage in small talk about the weather. Instead, ask them a bit about their lives and focus on listening to understand.

    Also, let them know specific ways you see them shining. Give them encouragement in their role. Everyone wants to know that they fit into the bigger picture. Provide that confidence boost even when you only have a moment or two.

  4. Learn Their Communication Preferences
    Do you know how to communicate with each member of your team? I can tell you, we all have different rules of engagement because we’re all uniquely motivated. Personally, I find it important to enjoy the moment and have fun in conversation. If I’m meeting with an employee who is drastically different than me, I need to get curious and learn what their communication preferences look like. How do you start? Just ask them! Even better, get a tool to help!

    Dignify provides a 100% unique Snapshot of each person, including their motivations, Dos and Don’ts of communication, Countries, Natures and more, and includes tools like the Check-In to help us regularly touch base in open, honest 1×1 conversations to improve how we communicate with one another.


ACTION PLAN: Think about each member on your own team. Who do you know pretty well? Who do you need to get to know better? Take one step today toward improving that.

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