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Hey Boss: It’s Time to Innovate

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

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You know it. I know it. Innovation is essential if any business wants to remain relevant. The question is, how do you convince the higher-ups at your organization of this fact and gain some traction?

Here are three undeniable reasons to bank on:

  1. On the Edge

    The world is changing at a ridiculously quick pace. We’ve seen it first-hand over the past year, especially. Thousands of businesses that remained stagnant and didn’t adapt to the ever-changing COVID environment folded. It’s those that said, “Giddy up!” and looked to provide curb-side pickup, free delivery and even entirely new product lines to meet current needs that were able to surf the ever-changing tide.

    Want to retain a competitive edge? You need to constantly look for new technology, more efficient ways of executing your processes and keep your sight down the road. What emerging trends do you see? What will tomorrow’s customer need?  

  2. Amplifying Opportunities

    Opportunity is not a one-to-one correlation. It’s a one-to-ten! It causes ripples like the butterfly effect. When you make the call to innovate in one area of your business you may be shocked how other ideas come to mind, new partners step into your reality and new offers present themselves.

  3. A Healthy Perspective

    Any new business change you put into place helps shift your focus. Change helps you look out your windshield, not through your rearview mirror.

    It’s easy to get caught-up replaying past decisions and wish you had made a different choice, but it doesn’t do you a bit of good. Instead of replaying the past, fruitlessly, look forward and imagine where you can go next.


ACTION PLAN: You already know your company needs to innovate, but you need to get your boss on board. Invite your leader to join us for our FREE SLOW event in two weeks. We’ll help you bridge the gap.

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