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Deliberate Connections

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

I want to share some wisdom today on what I call, deliberate connections. Simply put, it means, make time to take time. We really need to pause and reflect on what’s most important in our lives. Who are we most committed to?

For me, it’s my faith, myself, my wife, my immediate family, the family I grew up with, my close friends, our company leaders, my direct reports at work and then our clients. Whew, that’s a lot of people. I have a belief that the most important person in my life is whoever I’m with in that moment. It helps me be deliberate in giving that person my undivided attention.

So, why did I place myself in importance before my wife? Sound selfish? I’ve realized that we need to be self-aware. I must take time to re-calibrate myself so that I can be there for others. I realized that time with my wife was not in the proper order.

To get back on track, we were inspired by our pastor to have 26 date nights in 2019. To spice things up, we are using the alphabet as our guide and take turns planning the dates.

Danica went first and archery is what she chose. We have never shot an arrow before. Here we are, displaying the hunter within. We had a blast. We competed with one another and she beat me! She is a really good shot. Who knew?

I invite you to join us! Not literally. Like, I’m not sending you an invitation to join our date night. I’m encouraging you to start your own. It can be with any family member or rotate between many. Up to you!

Joe Kiedinger

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