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Achieving Work/Life Balance

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - Joe Kiedinger

I know, kind of a big topic today. This notion of work/life balance comes up over and over again as we strive to be successful both at work and with our family. Is there a magic formula for this? Although I cannot provide you a systematic approach or unlock the mystery of balance, perhaps I can take some pressure off you. We often believe that family time equates to hours and chunks of time with our family. What I have found is that time with family lives in creating moments of meaningful

For example, although its important to drive our kids all over town during the week to gymnastics, piano, dance and girl scouts, that time is not meaningful. If you are privileged enough to have grandparents help out or hire a sitter to drive them around, that’s a bonus. Our children are caught into a preparation mindset. The likelihood of meaningful connection is very slim in this environment. My wife takes on this roll and I use this time to stay late at work and catch up on projects.

However, on Thursday nights, the kids have no extracurricular activities. This is dinner around the table night. Perhaps a board game and conversation. Now there is a good chance for meaningful connection.

I don’t believe the amount of time we are physically at home matters as much as the meaningful moments we connect with those we love. Sitting at home watching TV while the kids are around is not family time… unless… there was a plan to make a fire, rent a family movie or watch a show that everyone loves with popcorn and cuddling. Yeah… that’s a great moment!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: What moments will you make meaningful this week?


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