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What is Organizational Health, Anyway?

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Just as good physical health is no accident, the same can be said for the health of your business. Both take a well-conceived plan and consistent execution to achieve. You can’t simply walk on the treadmill for a few minutes, drink a spinach-packed smoothie and expect to drop 20 pounds. You need a plan that works for your lifestyle and something you can maintain.

Take a good, hard look at where your business stands today. In what areas are you strong and healthy? What areas need a little definition? For your company to operate at its best and healthiest, it must function effectively, cope adequately, change appropriately and grow from within—the four aspects of Organizational Health. Sometimes it takes an outside source to help you see your business clearly.

More companies than ever are seeking business consultants to maintain their good health. With the rapid pace of change the pandemic has forced upon businesses, communication is more essential than ever. Remote workers? New business models? New products and services? American companies have quickly risen to the challenge—and their communication needs to as well.

It’s more efficient to have an outside expert lead you and your team through the process. The benefits are pretty astounding. Minimal company politics, high morale, low turnover and increased efficiency? Let’s get after ‘em!


ACTION PLAN: Diagnose the health of your company with a look at one of our recent S.L.O.W events on Organizational Health.

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