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The Doctor Is In: A Discussion on Organizational Health

S.L.O.W. Event
November 12, 2020 @ 3:00 PM
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For your company to operate at its best and healthiest, it must function effectively, cope adequately, change appropriately and grow from within—the four aspects of Organizational Health.

In The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni highlights the benefits of a healthy organization as minimal company politics, high morale and low turnover (yeah, those sound great to us too). Our goal in this session of S.L.O.W. is to equip you with the knowledge you need to diagnose the health of your company and give you advice from industry leaders to help navigate the journey.

Join Joe Kiedinger from Prophit Co. and our guest panelists who are improving Organizational Health where they work, as they discuss the importance of Organizational Health and the process by which their companies are achieving it.

Joe [and Prophit Co.] set us out on this course by helping us define purpose, by helping us understand our values and really put forward the motion of something as daunting as trying to shift a company’s culture.
– Paul Northway, American National Bank


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Joe Kiedinger isn’t your everyday presenter. As a former cruise ship performer (yes, really), he brings the energy. With his twenty-plus years of industry experience studying Organizational Health in successful businesses, he brings the knowledge. The result? He’ll challenge you to re-imagine what a healthy company looks like, helping you get your team on the bus and moving in the same direction.