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Leadership Linking, April 2016 Edition

Monday, April 4, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Welcome to the April 2016 Edition of Leadership Linking! Each month we go on the search for you and share our 5 best leadership findings.  A quote from Henry Ford leads us into the April Edition of Leadership Linking. Mr. Ford said: “Whether you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  

So much in our lives can change perspective just based on how we think and act. In terms of leading, how do you set an example for those around you or those you lead?  Do you think you can or think you can’t?   


  1. “Don’t Take It Personally” is Terrible Work Advice.

    Published by the Harvard Business Review, this article discusses success and well-being at work and how since your leadership is your work, you should “take it personally”.  Read more.

  2. 3 Reasons Why Connecting is Essential to Progress.

    Writer Susan Mazza suggested that when we don’t take the time to connect, we are actually sarcificing productivity.  Read more. 

  3. Video: Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership. 

    Be on the path to awesome!  Plus, get a few laughs courtesy to Kid President.  Watch now.

  4. How the Best Leadership Build Trust.

    Research shows that only 49% of employees trust senior management, and only 28% believe CEOs are a credible source of information.  See what Steven M.R. Covey has to say about trust in leadership.  Read more.

  5. 3 Ways to Show You Care!

    Don’t miss out on our most visited blog post from March!  Business Leadership and Love Do Go Together – Part 4 in the “Business Leadership and Love Series” gives you 3 ways to show you care that you can start doing today!  Read More. Catch up on Part 1 (Love is the Remedy), Part 2 (Love is Responsibility), and Part 3 (The Humble Leader) if you wish!

Since leadership interests you, consider downloading our Free E-book: Love and Respect in Leadership. It might be exactly the inspiration you need!


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