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The Power of Positivity: Positive Vibes Only

30 Minute S.L.O.W. Down
June 4, 2020 @ 3:00 PM
It's a wrap! - Find the recording inside.

We have just begun the second chapter of our free, virtual 30-Minute Slow Down Series. This month, Jenn Endries, Founder and Owner of JennEd, LLC and Academic Dean at Rasmussen College, will be presenting her four-part series on The Power of Positivity.

In the first installment, Jenn reveals the first of her Seven Powerful Positive Habits. Habit one? The Power of People.

To explain, Jenn discusses The Law of Attraction which means, “like attracts like.” In other words, the more positive you are, the more you attract positive people into your life.

Positivity is a choice we must make each day. The moment we wake up and our feet hit the floor, we have the power to make that first thought positive and set an intention.

Likewise, if you’re having a negative thought, you are fully in control and can stop that thought in its tracks.

So, how do you engage The Power of People? Keeping The Law of Attraction in mind, you will find that the people you surround yourself with, you become. Find the positive people in your life and spend more time with them. You’ll likely meet even more positive people along the way and can build a positive circle of influence.

To begin on this path, Jenn presents a couple of homework items:

  1. Write down something positive about yourself.
    • Read it aloud and explore how it makes you feel.
    • How does this feeling differ from when you’re thinking negatively about yourself?
  2. Think about your ideal role model.
    • What traits do they have?
    • What are they good at?
    • How do they act?
    • Now, write down the names of the five closest people in your life.
      i. Are they like your role model?
      ii. Are they positive?
      iii. Do you want and need a relationship with those who are not positive?
    • Consider how you might adjust

In next week’s installment on The Power of Positivity, Jenn will reveal the next two powerful habits that can help you tap into positivity. We hope you’ll join us!

Presented by Jennifer Endries

Founder and Owner of JennEd, LLC
Academic Dean at Rasmussen College


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I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been watching your 30min S.L.O.W. Down Webinars and we love them! Looking forward to this Thursday’s. At our facility, Managers and Supervisors meet once a week to have a “leadership” training. We started watching your webinars (from our desks) because we can’t meet at the conference room during this uncertain time.