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Zebra Mussels and Communication: Building a Culture of Respect

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 - Joe Kiedinger

If you’re near the Great Lakes you’ve certainly heard of zebra mussels. These small, striped mollusks are an invasive species brought to the area most likely attached to the hulls of ships traveling from Europe.

Because these mussels are not native to the area, they’ve negatively impacted our ecosystem by overwhelming native mussels, filtering out algae other species relied on for food and clogging up water intakes.

Now, imagine these zebra mussels were in the lake beside your cottage up north, blocking the way for boats to pass through a narrow canal. These tiny little creatures seem so small and insignificant, but when they pile up can cause significant trouble. You can rent heavy machinery to dig them out now and again, at considerable cost, or you can stay on top of it with frequent cleaning.  

That narrow canal symbolizes the pathway to communication between yourself and each person you work with. Every time someone does something to “ding your dignity” as we say at Prophit Co., that canal begins to clog. Each perceived slight adds one on top of another. Soon, you don’t want to communicate with that person at all. Sound familiar?

That’s why we need to talk about things consistently so the pathway can remain clear. The Prophiteers and many of our clients use the Dignify Check-In to do just that. It allows people a safe space to talk through communication issues before they grow into a larger problem.


ACTION PLAN: The next time a relationship is in jeopardy of a communication block, pause and talk it out. It’s the ultimate sign of respect to get curious, ask questions and gain clarity.

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