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You… In Motion

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

With Groundhog Day yesterday, it got me thinking about one of my all-time favorite movies by the same name. For those of you who haven’t seen this early 90s comedic nugget of gold (a shame!), the premise is that Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray) is forced to relive the same day over and over again.

Once Phil realizes what’s going on, he begins trying to manipulate the day in his favor, trying riskier and riskier behavior on for size—just to end up repeating the day yet again. It’s not until he begins looking at life as a blessing and uses his knowledge to help others that he breaks the time loop. When he steps into his purpose he becomes the best version of himself.

You might feel like the monotony of the past year has been like your own personal version of Groundhog Day, but it doesn’t need to be that way. You have the power to make 2021 exceptional by dropping the pessimism and embracing your own purpose. Yes, the world is a bit of a mess lately, but you do not have permission to wallow and do nothing. I challenge you to embrace your personal purpose and put yourself out there. The world needs your innate talents. Try something new that scares you! Write a book, volunteer for a non-profit, make art, help a family that’s struggling, share your truth. The world needs you… in motion.


ACTION PLAN: Not sure how to start the momentum? Our Stress-Free Leader program can help you whittle away the noise and get down to your core purpose. I’m just a phone call or email away.

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