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You Don’t Need a Plan B

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

As a business owner, I’m here to tell you: don’t waste your efforts on Plan B—until it’s needed. Instead, you should be spending the majority of your energy on your primary goal. Really throw everything you’ve got into working on your business’ Plan A.

When you start putting too much focus on your backup plan, your true company vision gets muddied and your passion fizzles out. You find yourself focusing on the “what ifs” and set your brain in a pattern of worry and anxiety. Worry is not worth it! In fact, it’s one of the only socially acceptable “drug” we feed ourselves. I say “drug” because worry acts like a narcotic.

Worry fills our minds and bodies with panic and stress hormones and actually stops us from thinking clearly. We feel like we’re doing something about the problem, but in reality we’re not being constructive. The side effect of worry is we push those closest to us away. We literally distance others to soak in the negative thoughts in our head.

Instead, keep your eyes set on Plan A. If the moment should come when you know it’s time to move to a Plan B, create it in the moment. Gather your team using the best minds and latest information to give your Plan B a chance.

There are companies all over the world and right in our backyards that are creating massively-detailed backup plans for coronavirus hitting home—possibly reaching too far and dedicating too much effort to “what ifs.” What opportunities have passed them by while they’re looking up at the storm clouds?

Harness your team members’ inventiveness and find solutions that work for this moment. There are salons with empty chairs that have taken on virtual hair styling lessons and food delivery services that are offering “no contact” delivery to keep their business humming right along. What solutions can your team dream up to do the same?


ACTION PLAN: Don’t let worry trap you; focus on your company’s needs in the here and now. Your eyes should be one step ahead, not 20.

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