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Year In Review

Wednesday, December 22, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

As we close out 2021, let’s celebrate our victories, large and small. Here at Prophit Co., we reached many significant milestones. While many other companies and industries struggled during COVID, we’ve had a remarkably successful year, and for that I’m truly grateful.

Here’s Prophit Co.’s Year in Review:

  • We launched our Leadership Adventures bus. Part experience, part curriculum, the bus has begun taking teams out of the office to strengthen relationships while teaching lessons in leadership.
  • Our patented tool, Dignify®, was translated into French to spread dignity even further across the globe. We’re proud to say we’re bringing dignity to clients everywhere from Texas to Vermont to just outside Bordeaux, France.
  • We rebranded our office space to match our new, Organizational Health journey. The updated, modern space clearly expresses our story and communicates our purpose.
  • We expanded our Organizational Health curriculum from 8 core trainings to more than 30! Say hello to Burnout, Effective Group Meetings, Managing the Emotional Energy of a Team and more!
  • More than 45 leaders worldwide found empowerment in vulnerability as of this year. They completed our Communication Mastery program—the pinnacle of our trainings—and have set powerful, positive momentum in their lives.
  • We launched The Dignity Dialogue, my new podcast where each month I dive into the topic of dignity with unique individuals from all industries and walks of life.
  • We also launched Prophit Co. Post—one neat, bundled package of all our latest information and inspiration that comes to your inbox each Wednesday. Want to join in on the fun? Just drop your email at the bottom of this page.


ACTION PLAN: Why not look back through your company’s accomplishments this year and celebrate them? You might be surprised just how far you’ve come!

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