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Who’s in Control?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

We’re living in a time of uniquely high stress—one that may have immeasurable and lasting effects on some. What if I told you that you can change your course? You can.

Before the arrival of coronavirus, it had been estimated that 75 – 90% of primary care visits were stress-related. That’s astonishing!

Since that time, I’d say stress has increased for most of us. Let’s not let that statistic get any worse. We are in control! I know it might not feel that way, but we have very real power over our stress level.

As I once heard, “Though chaos may surround us, it need not be within us.” In other words, we have the ultimate control over how we think and feel. Yes, things will happen in our lives that we cannot change, but that doesn’t mean we need to pull that chaos inside. As we teach in our Intrapersonal program at Prophit Co., events have no meaning, only the meaning we give them.

The next time you feel stress bubbling up, pause. Remove the emotion from the equation and just look for the facts. It may very well save a few visits to the doctor.


ACTION PLAN: Rethink your stressors this week. Remember, events have no meaning, only the meaning we give them.

Tomorrow will conclude our newest section of our FREE 30-Minute Slow Down series. If you’ve missed any of our previous sessions, it’s not too late to check them out. This Thursday, Jenn Endries, Founder and Owner of JennEd, LLC and Academic Dean at Rasmussen College, will wrap up The Power of Positivity. This week, she will explain the powers of control and contribution. To attend this virtual session, please visit our website.

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