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What Message Are You Sending?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Every one and every thing sends a message about you or your company to other people. One of our core values at Prophit is G.O.L.D. It stands for Grand Opening Look Daily. We know on any given day someone could be up at Prophit seeing us for the first time. That first impression is critical. Are we sending a message of competence, creativity and culture?

My colleague, Lisa, took this picture on our way to a meeting. I looked up the company and it has been around for 90 years. By the looks of this truck and all it’s rust and banged up rear bumper, I believe it. The message it sends is outdated, sloppy, and unreliable.

IMG_2341 (1).jpg

They may be excellent in delivering solutions, but their trucks don’t support that message. Take a look at your own business through a different lens. Are you sending messages against quality? How does your lobby look, parking lot, work stations? Now is the time to be picky. It’s a competitive market place. People are expecting top notch products and service.

What message are you sending?

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Ask someone from the outside to evaluate their perceptions of your company. It’s hard to read your label when your inside the bottle!


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