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What Can Kill Your Business in Ten Seconds Flat?

Monday, October 16, 2017 - Nathan Walasek

You might have a highly-talented team, beautiful product, organized and efficient systems, and a knack for closing the deal, but before a customer ever sets foot in your door, there is something that can kill your business. Any idea what it is?

The first impression.

Have you taken a look at your company vehicles lately? What are your potential customers seeing when they’re driving to work every morning? Are your trucks rusty? Is your logo easy to read? If not, it’s so easy for that potential customer to a) think, “if they can’t take care of their trucks, I’m sure they can’t take care of my business” or b) they miss the opportunity to discover your company altogether. 018-rusty-1994-dodge-ram-2500-fourth-gen-bumper.jpg

Take a look at your customer-facing location. Is your sign easy to read? Can guests easily get to your building? Take a look at your parking lot. Is it free of weeds and well-manicured? Is there ample parking labeled for guest use? Is your front door clean, free of fingerprints, and welcoming?

There are so many tiny details that make a big difference to potential customers. Take the time to look around. Many of these little details can be remedied quickly with little work. And ask for outside opinions! Often, a fresh pair of eyes will notice so much more.

Let that first impression be a great one!


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