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What Are Your 22 in 2022?

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - Joe Kiedinger

Happy 2022. Man, does that sound weird.

This is that famous time of year when we all begin looking at our waistlines after too many holiday indulgences (no such thing if you ask me) and set our intentions to finally get healthy.

According to an Ipsos survey, only 8% of Americans who make a New Year’s resolutions keep them the whole year through. And 80% of us have failed altogether by February.

Often, our resolutions are hefty and vague, making them too overwhelming: This year, I’ll lose 30 pounds! Or this year, I’ll eat better. No wonder we don’t stick with our goals.

So, let’s look at the start of the year differently. Wipe those giant resolutions from your thoughts and, instead, make a list of 22 things you want in 2022.

The wording is important here. What do you want for the year ahead? Not, what do I need to add to my already packed to-do list? Your list of 22 could include small, fun things like go to a concert with my spouse, take the family to a baseball game or schedule an offsite for my team. You could also theme your whole year: The Year of Intentionality, All Things Family or Promotion, Here I Come. Or why not read 22 books and reach out to 22 people you haven’t spoken to in awhile?

Whatever you choose, make it fun, make it enjoyable, make it worthwhile so that you want to keep at it.


ACTION PLAN: Schedule 22 minutes in your day today to set your 22 intentions for the year ahead. See what I did there?

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