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Welcome to the 1970s

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Leisure suits, platform boots, disco music and feathered hair. The 70s brought us so much. It was also the time of my most formative years, so those famous cultural bits really didn’t really register to me—they were just the norm. Instead, when I look back on my childhood the one thing that comes to mind is: family time.

I remember there was a distinct focus on having dinner as a family every night at 5pm. Basketball practice wasn’t allowed on Wednesdays and Sundays—those were to be kept open for religious education classes and church. We weren’t nearly as competitive back then, either. Now, kids are off to practices nearly every night of the week, even starting volleyball prep classes at age 5! Times have changed!

But, I have to say, our current Safer at Home period is giving me some welcomed retro memories! It’s refreshing to have more time at home with my family. We’re enjoying all our meals together, singing around the piano, playing board games, and having real conversations.

Cherish these times! Before we know it, our quarantine will be over and regular life will resume. Will you move forward with a new perspective? I know I will! Family time will always be a priority in the Kiedinger house.


ACTION PLAN: What will you walk away from this quarantine with? What clarity has this time brought you?

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