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We All Have That “Uncle”

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

You know the one. We all have that family member who adds a little spice to the holidays. He’s often a little tipsy and is assuredly full of opinions. Usually he’s airing his political and personal grievances. Or, this year, he may be sharing his frustration that the usual family Christmas has been minimized. Whether you’re facing another holiday aside said “uncle” or coping with a new way to holiday thanks to the virus, you can have a beautiful Christmas.

It all starts with respect and perspective.

Assigned to sit next to Uncle Cranky at the table? Choose to hear him out and respect that his views will always differ from yours. And that’s ok. We need to accept others as they are, not as who we wish them to be. There’s no need to engage in a debate and get heated. You can choose to let it all flow right past you and enjoy the day your way.

Facing a new way to holiday? Different doesn’t mean DISASTEROUS. Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on, choose to change your perspective. How can you make this holiday unique and special? Why not drive around and look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate in hand? Or create a little competition with your own Holiday Olympics or ornament hunt outside. Or commit to quieting your mind and getting introspective if that’s what you need.

Different can be delightful. If you choose it to be so.


ACTION PLAN: How will you choose to holiday?

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