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Values You Can Live By

Thursday, March 26, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Does your company have a set of values that everyone rallies around and lives by?  We call these Core Values. 

Your Core Values should be easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to act upon.  That means explicitly laying out what each Core Value means and what type of behavior each one requires.  This eliminates the possibility of your values being lost in interpretation between two different people.  It also ensures that everyone on your team is held accountable to the same standards.   

At Prophit Co. our Core Values are broken down like this:

  • Perseverance (One of our five Core Values)
    • We can accomplish more together! (How we define Perseverance/what Perseverance means to us)
      • Share your burdens
      • Explore solutions (How we live this value)
      • Take action, then move on

Your Core Values aren’t just meant for your employees—they should be applied to everything you do in your business from making hiring decisions to deciding what type of clients you choose to work with.  Every decision you make should be held accountable to your Core Values.  They set a consistent tone and standard for your business. 

Is there a way to measure how well you’re living out your Core Values?  Try addressing them in your performance reviews.  Because your Core Values are a company-wide standard, you can review your employees based on how they contribute to and live out the values of your company.

Keeping your team and your vision accountable to established Core Values means your whole company is channeling their energy to the same cause using the same standards.  It’s a great way to help your company and employees get credit for what they do because of exactly who they are.   

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