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Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - Joe Kiedinger

I recently attended EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) in Oshkosh with my father-in-law. EAA holds an annual “fly-in,” where over 500,000 airplane hobbyists and enthusiasts visit for this one week per year event. The Oshkosh, WI airport where this is held, is the busiest airport in the world during this time because there are over 10,000 planes flying in of all different sizes and shapes, coming from all over the world.
If you have never attended this event, it should be on your bucket list as it is truly remarkable! I personally met people from four different countries. One gentleman from France simply said, “I do not speak English” in very broken English. One thing that is very clear is how patriotic airplane enthusiasts are.

Many war heroes fly in for this event and aircraft from all the wars are on display. Many of them do mock demonstrations during the 3 hour air-show, which shows how remarkable these machines are and are a true testament of the American spirit. This cause me to think about all the past, current and future pilots who protect us and I couldn’t help but feel humbled by their service.

Thank you to all the veterans who helped to keep our country safe. My father-in-law, Darryll Hillmann is a Vietnam Vet and remembered these planes and helicopters in action, even pointing out the enemy planes on display. There was also a small exhibit of tents set up as they were in a typical American base in Vietnam. I can’t imagine how these displays brought him back to a tumultuous time. I’m so grateful for his service and all the men and women like him.

God Bless America, my home sweet home!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Take a moment and reflect… how grateful!

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