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Three Tips to Make Meetings Matter

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - Joe Kiedinger

Before you say, “Ugh, another meeting,” hear me out. Meetings are one of the most valuable parts of business, whether you like them or not. If you want your team or your company to succeed, take a hard look at yours and ask yourself truthfully, how effective are they?

One thing that has helped make our company successful is hiring and trusting talented people to execute my larger vision.

Pick one or two of your process-oriented team members. Give them the end goal of making meetings more effective and let them come up with a plan to get there. It’s incredibly honoring to give process people control of the how.

Not sure who to choose? Dignify makes it easy. Select the “Company” tab on the left and then search for task traits among your team like: Organized, Competent, Precise or Perfectionist. These people will be naturally wired to find efficiencies.

From a leader’s perspective, there are a few things that I aim to cover in each meeting to set us up for success:

1. Start with good news

Humans are wired to be negative 80% of the time. By starting each meeting with some positive updates about life and work, you are able to set the tone for the meeting and create a sense of optimism and open-mindedness.

2. Connect with the team

It’s easy to slide into autopilot when your day is full of back-to-back meetings. Fight the urge to just get through the meeting quickly to check a box. Instead, take the time to connect with the employees present. Really see them and work to understand their perspective and concerns. When you see your team members as the unique human beings they are, you’ll be more empathetic and work together to find solutions.

3. Look at one-on-ones differently

Effective one-on-ones are essential to the health of any organization. Look at them as an employee’s meeting with their leader. It’s not a time to tell your employee tasks you want them to start working on. Provide them with a list of questions ahead of time so they can prepare their thoughts. Then they can update you on their world, ask questions, and seek support where needed. A bi-weekly rhythm is often best because it allows a regular outlet for employees to come to you so you’re not getting dozens of emails or firefighting at the last minute. Our Dignify Meeting Tool can guide you with preset and customized templates.

Don’t overlook the power of meetings!


ACTION PLAN: Want more tips and tricks from our Effective Meetings curriculum? My team will be showing behind the curtain all month on our social channels. Make sure you’re following us!

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