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Three Questions for Discovering Purpose!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

My family spent an entire week in Door County this past July. This picture was taken in Sister Bay. It was the perfect scene to reflect on purpose. “Purpose” is a big word. I hope not to diminish its enormity by suggesting there are only three questions to help you find yours. Instead, I hope I’ve grabbed your attention and gotten you in the right mindset to set you on a path for discovery.

My purpose is quite simple: ‘To teach acceptance in an unaccepting world’.

So, what led me to this discovery of my purpose? First, I had to ask myself, ‘What am I doing when I feel most productive and alive?’ My answer: when I am helping people realize their inner strengths… their dignity. Their eyes widen and even sometimes tear up. They, for the first time, realize how great it is to be them. Their perfectionism is a good thing, or their lack of details is a good thing. It’s amazing to witness that moment when they ‘wake up’ and realize that they are unique and should act that way and own it. IMG_2415.jpg

The second question I asked myself is, ‘Where can I make the biggest difference in the lives of others?’ Here again, I was directed inwardly to reflect and write. I wrote down many random thoughts. Once I saw it all down on paper, it was easier to reflect and whittle it down to a few ideas. 

Finally, for me, ‘How can my purpose generate money?’ The reason this was important to me is that we need money to live. If I could generate money while pursuing my purpose then I could stay focused on it day after day. Could I actually embed it into everything I do?

It’s amazing if you ask your brain the right questions because the answers will emerge. Be careful not to ask your brain self-defeating questions like, “Why can’t I lose weight?” Your brain will shout back, “Because you’re lazy! You have no drive! You can’t quit eating sweets,” and so on. Instead, ask your brain, “How can I lose weight and enjoy the process?” Now you’re directing the answers to be more positive and solution-based.

Purpose is discovered by asking the right questions. Once you find it, life is very gratifying. You clearly begin to see what you should stop and start doing.

You have a purpose: look inwardly and find it!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Find your reflective place, grab a pad of paper and begin asking yourself questions!


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