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Three Key Leadership Habits to Master

Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - Joe Kiedinger

Want to instill better habits in yourself as a leader? In most companies, people are promoted into positions of leadership without going through any formal training or even having a mentor lead the way. It’s often, “Congratulations, you have employees now, figure it out!” That’s why you have to get after habits that will set you on the right path.

If you missed my last WOW, check it out. I’m digging into my favorite LEADERSHIP acronym all month. Today, I’m revealing three more of the habits of great leaders.

E: Encouragement

Let’s face it, life’s too interesting to just accept the status quo and do the same 10 things every day. Identify what you’re passionate about and seek growth in that area. It’ll inspire others to do the same.

Encourage the professional growth of those around you. Challenge your associates and teammates to push just a bit further and to take some risks. The entire organization will benefit from each person stepping up their game.

R: Respect

Respect is huge. Show your team how much you value them by investing in them, listening to their opinions, and adapting to their suggestions from time to time.

An even bigger sign of respect? Being a trusting and transparent leader. Trust your very talented team to get the job done right, without micromanaging them. And don’t keep plans under wraps unless you absolutely must. An open, honest rapport among your team can accomplish both!

S: Servant Leader

I was first introduced to the concept of Servant Leadership by my mentor, Dave Skogen, of the Festival Foods grocery store chain. Being a servant leader in the workplace means putting the legitimate needs of others before your own.

Picture those stand-out leaders like Craig Culver or Phil Woodman who are known to get their hands dirty, cleaning up and supporting others when their businesses are busy.

Being a servant leader means taking a pause and asking, “What can I do to help you?” or seeing a need and just jumping in. This can certainly be a challenge for busy leaders, but it’s worth the effort because it instills a healthy culture among teams.

These three habits make it incredibly clear. While many leaders may get a bad rap for operating in their own best interest, leadership is really all about others. It’s no wonder why: being a great leader is all about inspiring and growing those in your care.


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