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Third Time’s a Charm

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

I recently went to Florida with my family for spring break. We decided to visit the Everglades and take an air boat tour. It’s quite an experience if you’ve never tried it before. An air boat can travel over just inches of water. For those of you old enough to remember the TV show, Flipper, the air boat was in many scenes (although, last I checked, dolphins need deep water, but I digress).

On this excursion, we saw native birds, plants and, yes, even alligators! It was super cool to see these animals in their natural habitat. I’ve seen them in zoos and at alligator farms but nothing compares to the real deal.

While waiting for our boat to arrive, we came across this sign. As I read the message, I was told three times that I shouldn’t go back there. So… I decided to go back there, of course! But only as far as this picture illustrates.

It’s funny how some business owners choose to ‘yell’ at their customers. I think the message, “No one beyond this point,” would be sufficient. Or simply, “Keep out.” That sends a pretty clear message. The business owner wanted to make sure there was no confusion so he/she decided to add, “Private property,” for good measure. Got it!

Perhaps it could have read, “Please note, private property. Enjoy your day!” Or, “Employee area only.” Or make it fun, “Alligators running wild beyond this point! Please respect their privacy while they’re on break. They are an extension of our employment.”

I’ve come across signs like this one from time to time and have written about them in the past. If you own a business that has private areas, unless it’s a life or death situation, consider using more engaging and friendlier ways to communicate. After all, your employees will communicate how you communicate.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Walk around your place of work and note how things are communicated. I bet there are many signs you’ve overlooked, however, your customers surely have not. Enjoy!

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