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There’s Power in Tradition

Wednesday, December 23, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Ah, family traditions. I can’t help but think of the old Hank Williams Jr. song from my childhood. There’s no doubt, holiday traditions bring families together. Singing Christmas carols, opening gifts around the tree while clad in pajamas and gathering around the table to share stories all help families develop memories we tie to positive emotions—creating the warm fuzzies. Although our traditional plans may change for some this year, it makes these memories that much sweeter.

The same can be said for workplaces. Traditions are essential for creating and strengthening company culture. Do you have any for your business?

At Prophit Co. we’ve always been big on creating memorable moments. That’s why we bring added delight to our daily Morning Huddle, our monthly All Company Meeting, our quarterly Living Our Values (LOV) events and our phenomenal annual Christmas party (which sadly we will do without this year). We aim to pack fun into our traditions and urge the Prophiteers to bring the same energy and creativity as well. The simple act of taking a few minutes to laugh together builds an infectious positivity and, even more importantly, trust.

But where to start? Why not start each meeting with a Good News Check-In where each person shares something positive in their lives? Or have each person bring a favorite movie, song or memory to share at the start of your next huddle. Perhaps your budget allows for some surprise swag like logoed shirts or a food delivery. When we step outside what’s normal and have some fun together, we forge new, positive connections in the brain. It’s an incredible—and FUN—way of achieving alignment and increasing motivation. Traditions add to what makes a company culture unique.


ACTION PLAN: What new traditions could you start at your organization? Build your traditions around your Core Values so you can have some delight while being reminded of who you are!

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