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There Will Always Be a Better Offer

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

I heard a joke on the radio the other day. A young man and woman were preparing to marry. The young man pulled the pastor aside and slipped him $100 and said, “Sir, I would like you to avoid the part of the ceremony where I promise to be true in sickness and in health and promise to put her first.” The pastor took his money and slipped it in his pocket with a confirming nod of his head.

The next day was the wedding. When it come to the part where the vows were shared, the pastor looked at the young man and said, “Do you, Daniel, promise to be true, putting Maria first? Will you be there for her, and her alone, in sickness and in health?” Daniel looked at the pastor in shock. The pastor then leaned over and whispered, “Your bride gave me a better offer.” 3.jpg

When a company truly focuses on their employees’ best interests, combined with a fair wage and benefits, why would they leave? It’s simple, they would leave because they don’t feel an emotional connection. A fair wage and benefits are the baseline. Your top employees are being offered to leave your company and join another on a regular basis. It’s a testament to their talent. It’s why, especially in today’s world, Servant Leadership is more relevant now than in past generations.

When you take an active interest in caring for your employees, loyalty will be the result. Employee engagement, the buzzword for the 21st century, is really, really simple. Show them you honestly care. Build a team that becomes a family. Do for your employees what you would do for your own family: be strict but fair, celebrate small victories, and treat each person as a unique individual.

People won’t think twice about switching jobs, but they will think twice about leaving a family.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: What are some small things you can do right now to connect with those in your immediate care?


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