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The wisdom of the dog!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Let’s learn today from the wisdom of a dog. Dogs understand the key to happiness and joy. There’s one word that describes what dogs know better than people. It’s why, for the most part, dogs (in a safe home) never cry, get worried or are depressed…for long. What is that word? 

Right now you are probably thinking of the key words that come to mind when thinking of your family pet: loyal, loving, happy or friendly. Although these dogs are all of those things, their wisdom far exceeds these themes. If I think of my dog, Harvey, he gets kenneled at home for about five hours on Monday and Wednesday and sometimes at night when the girls have activities and we need to be out.

Let’s face it, for a family like ours, the dog is second to the kids. Harvey never complains or gets sassy. Why? Harvey knows his place and seeks to give us attention rather than seek attention. He understands the one word… acceptance. Whenever we walk in the house he is patiently waiting in his kennel to accept and love. 

If ever he was unhappy while there, the moment we walk in, all resentment vanishes. He accepts and loves… that’s it. It’s the secret to a happy life. Do you accept your children for who they are? Do you accept that they’ll make mistakes and need to learn their own way? Do you accept your spouse with all their bad habits?

Learn to accept and you will live!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: When something upsets you, that’s your reminder to say the following, “I accept this, it is good because…”

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