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The Tower of Precious!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - Joe Kiedinger

My daughter Alina (on the bottom) sent me this pic of her and her friends with a fresh new idea! If you look closely, you will see that each girl supports the girl above her. Because of the angles and doorway width, it creates the perfect structure for stacking. This Millennial generation has such bright ideas!


I just attended a CEO breakfast put on by Initiative One that addressed this very same idea. Dr. Fred Johnson, the owner, led the discussion. He pointed out the power of creativity among younger people. He taught us that Einstein and Edison, along with a few other inventors, didn’t even have an original idea beyond the age of thirty-five.

The point that Dr. Fred Johnson made was this: your most creative problem solvers are under the age of thirty-five, yet business owners and managers keep challenges among themselves to solve. As Fred explained that the Millennial generation is full of bright ideas, I realized that this is something that we need to use to our advantage. Bring this amazing resource into the conversation and watch the innovation grow!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Invite your Millennial group to be a part of a problem solving discussion. Let me know what you discover!

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