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The Power of the Pause

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 - Joe Kiedinger

In our society, time is so valuable to us that we multitask in attempts of making most of each moment. We also feel internal guilt for wasting our minutes in front of the TV or scrolling on social media when we could be doing something ‘worthwhile.’ In our modern world, where time really does equal money, I know this is a hard ask, but a necessary one.

I want you to devote a bit more of your precious time to taking an intentional pause. Yes, I know, in the middle of all this holiday craziness, I want you to carve out more time. I promise it will be worth it.

In order to appreciate life, we need to take time to ponder, to be introspective. We can’t simply breeze through life without examining it. As I often say, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Look at your schedule and find a few moments when you won’t be interrupted and can set aside all distractions. Grab a pen and paper if it helps.

Reflection on Your Team’s Year:

Think through the past 12 months. What changes have taken place in your office as a whole or within your work team? Maybe you hired new employees, launched a new product, had record sales in one category, formed a new partnership, etc. Who were the key players that helped your team meet these milestones?

Reflection on Your Year:

Think again about the past year within the lens of your own personal growth. What new projects or challenges have you taken on? What goals have you met or exceeded? What’s different about you today than one year ago?  

Give People Credit:

Our purpose at Prophit Co. is to give people credit for what they do because of who they are. Dignify your team members in your next group meeting by going around the room and pointing out something they’ve achieved on an individual level. I can’t tell you how much your team wants and needs this recognition.

The time you set aside to acknowledge and appreciate what your team has achieved will further your growth exponentially by renewing everyone’s motivation. Now, that sounds like a recipe for a healthy 2023!


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