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The Menu, Monsieur?

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Some of the most memorable moments we experience in life are those that occur by pure chance. That tiny coffee shop you stumble across tucked in a quiet corner in a new city. A night spent laughing under the stars with a lovely, quick-witted couple at a resort bar. The drive-in movie you watch all cozied up with your kids, laps full of snacks and treats.

It’s these unplanned, amazing moments that take us by surprise that often leave the biggest mark. The feeling of being there is etched into our memory.

That’s why we love to deliver delightful, unexpected moments at Prophit Co.—whether it be during my speaking engagements, Servant Leaders of Wisconsin (SLOW) events or with our newest venture: the Leadership Adventures bus.

Let’s harness the energy of those extraordinary moments and create something special for your staff.

The Leadership Adventures Menu:

Leadership Re-Imagined On the Road: This turn-key, executive-level outing helps managers and supervisors discover the key to treating others with dignity and breaks down communication roadblocks.

L.O.V. (Living Our Values) Events: Take your entire team out on the road to bring your company’s values to life through team-building. 

Choose Your Own Adventure: We will work with you to develop a custom adventure for your unique group. Part curriculum, part experience, this non-traditional approach is whatever you can dream up!

What will you order up?


ACTION PLAN: The Leadership Adventures bus is booking up quickly for all of 2021! To reserve a timeslot for your group, or to find out more, please feel free to reach out here.

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