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The Formula for Culture

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 - Joe Kiedinger

In my last WOW we talked about the powerful connection between a business owner or management leader and his or her company’s culture. If you are an entrepreneur, your business’ roots most certainly tie in with your personal story. If you are a management leader, your personal story matters as well. Digging deeply into this is step number one in forming an authentic culture for your company. What people or life experiences led you to where you are today?

Now, let’s take it one, I mean, three steps further with the three killer ingredients that can help you establish a healthy culture:

  1. Your WHY
    Why does your company or department exist? What inspired you? Depending how long you’ve been in business, you may have to peel back some layers to get to the core reason.

  2. Your WHAT
    What are you called to do? At Prophit Co., we’re called to inspire and empower businesses to grow and we remind ourselves of it in our Morning Huddles throughout the week.

  3. Your HOW
    How does your organization live out its purpose? Create a list of 4-5 Core Values you can’t do without. What behaviors are you seeing that you need to do away with? Core Values can help nudge everyone in a healthier direction. Need to stick to an established process? By making “process” one of your values you will constantly be reminded to reach further toward that standard.

Owners, set a day aside to work on your why, what and how. Block off your calendar, get out of the workplace, make it a special occasion, really hunker down and put your mind to it.


ACTION PLAN: Want your plan to truly succeed? You’ll need your associates on board, of course. Share your why, what and how with your team and welcome their feedback. It has to feel authentic and they have to understand the thought process behind it if you want it to work.

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