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The first message of the New Year!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 - Joe Kiedinger

Can you believe I’m writing the first Wisdom on Wednesday message of 2015? It just seemed like 2014 has flown by so quickly—and each year goes by even faster and faster. How will you welcome this New Year?

So many people make New Year’s Resolutions for themselves. Usually those include drinking more water, exercising more, and eating more healthfully. But while you’re at it, I say, include a goal for yourself professionally. Perhaps push yourself to become a better Servant Leader by practicing more patience, kindness, or humility?

The key to achieving our Resolutions is a combination of confidence and commitment. We really need to believe we can change and also exercise our willpower in order to make that change. But go easy on yourself! If you haven’t achieved all your goals by March, remember you have all of 2015 to make it happen. Don’t get down on yourself…renew your passion each and every time you fall off the wagon!

So I say, 2015, bring it on! Let’s welcome the New Year with open arms and be excited about all the new opportunities that will come our way!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Make a New Years resolution to make a game plan for your leadership initiatives. Join us January 30th for our 3rd annual Servant Leadership Summit!

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