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Thank You

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Today I would just like to put out a giant, “Thank you!” to all of our essential American workers who are keeping our country running. For those of us who work in a typical office, we can all too easily forget how others are impacted during this trying time.

To all those hospital, lab and clinic workers, mail carriers and delivery people, restaurant owners and staff providing drive-up service, as well as grocery and convenience store employees—we all owe a debt of gratitude to you. While many of us are safely working from home, you face great risks when you head to work every day. You may be scared—unsure what the day may bring. Some days your businesses may be nearly empty and you fear losing your income. While other days you may face customers who act irrationally or fail to follow personal distancing rules, putting yourself out there to help your community in these uncertain times.

We deeply appreciate your sacrifices. Please know that you are doing incredibly important work which has not gone unnoticed.

For those of us who are not essential workers, let’s agree today to show our appreciation for these brave folks who are keeping us healthy, fed and well. The next time you shop, consider spreading some optimism and thankfulness through a heart-felt word or action. Even through a face mask, the eye crinkle of a genuine smile comes through loud and clear.


ACTION PLAN: Spread some kindness today through your words or actions. You may never know the full reach of your positivity, but to one person it may mean the world.

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