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Terminating Turnover

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

It’s the never-ending cycle. Your company turnover has been higher than you’d like and every time you lose talent you have to start from square one. You want to build a strong culture and align your leadership team on a common goal, but you feel like you’re constantly onboarding. I get it.

Ask yourself this question. What is the cause of turnover? The number one reason people leave their employment in the US is… stress! And why are people stressed? Because their dignity, the very core of their being, is being violated in the workplace, again and again.

But how? We’re all totally unique human beings with different motivations and communication styles. That’s why it’s all too easy to offend others. We assume they’re just like us, but they’re not. We need to learn about others if we ever want to communicate effectively with them.

That’s precisely what Dignify® does. It’s a patented system that reveals the why, what and how of every person in an organization. Why they behave the way they do, what motivates them and how to place and retain them in the work setting.

Because I consider it my personal mission in life to teach acceptance in an unaccepting world and spread dignity to all, I want to help you to discover your dignity traits by offering you to try Dignify, absolutely free.

In about 15 minutes you can discover your own dignity by completing your free Dignify survey.

This is not a marketing ploy. I promise you I won’t reach out to you afterward and your data will remain private. If you love it and want to learn more, I’m here and eagerly waiting to get started.


ACTION PLAN: For a limited time, get your free Dignify survey, using the code TRYDIGNIFY and learn how you can leverage the power of dignity to shape your company: https://www.dignify.com

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