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Stepping Into Your Power

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Pandemonium. Mayhem. Confusion. We’ve all been through the wringer in the past few months trying to keep up with heavy headlines. Though all in the world seems muddled in chaos, here are a couple of methods to help you gain a sense of control.

  1. Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

    You can’t truly help others unless you learn to help yourself first. Just as flight attendants say before takeoff, “Please place the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.” By readying yourself to help others, you can do so much more good.

    The same goes for business. How can you be a truly effective mentor to a new hire if you show up late for meetings, don’t share your honest thoughts or run yourself ragged trying to do it all? By getting your own affairs in order first, you’re able to be an example to others and provide genuine advice about the development process you’ve personally gone through.

  2. Weigh Your Needs

    But, where to start? Because you can’t share water from an empty vessel, you need to fill up your own cup. Schedule some “me” time. Block off a couple of hours on your calendar to step away from everything. Yes, everything. Jot down what’s been in the back of your mind.

    What themes do you see? Do you need more relaxation time? Time to read? Write? A trip with the guys? A night out with the girls? A stronger faith connection? Quality time with your kids or spouse?

    Carve out time and do it. Your family and your team need you to be at your very best and it all starts here.

By taking these steps to get your “house” in order, you can calm the mental chaos and walk out the other side in full control.


ACTION PLAN: Take the first steps to gain control this week. Want a truly transformative journey? We can help.

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