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Splashing in the Mud is Fun!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

Building a company culture centered on a desire to build trust, engagement and accountability gets messy. It’s not like building a building. It’s as far away from traditional engineering as it gets. These aforementioned fields have a process with a beginning and a clear end.

Not the case for building an intentional culture. Employers today have realized, more than ever, the power of company culture on employee retention and results. Do you know how much poor communication and poor connection cost you? Because you’re not getting a monthly bill, few leaders acknowledge the true costs. Many even just chalk it up to the “cost of doing business.” In other words, they’d rather ‘punt’ than get real.

Leaders today need to get messy and splash around in the mud. Building a culture is part science and part art. However, I will tell you it’s a lot more structured and engineered than it appears to be.

We have spent nearly 20 years studying companies like Disney, Zappos and many others practicing and getting dirty in this field. We have developed a 360-day plan. It’s deliberate, it’s scientific and it’s achievable. The system is based on results others have achieved. Are you a leader who is willing to get dirty to improve your culture? We’re ready for you. Jump in, the mud’s just fine!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Reach out for a free discussion on how to get started. The more you know the more options you have. Get after it

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